Professional Summary

This website was made with the purpose of presenting my passion for design. My career
started in 2002 back in Brazil when I was 17 years old at a print shop.

After learning the basics of how print processes work, I was invited to join an editorial
company, Editora Escala. There I had a chance to edit a famous magazine, Flash, from
Amaury Jr., journalist. I edited almost 200 weekly editions for them.
Two years later, another company saw my portfolio, and I was invited once again to be a
graphic designer for a great magazine, Raça. I was also involved with another magazine in
the same company months later. From there my career started growing fast. I worked on
more than 30 magazines in the next few years. 
My boss opened a publicity agency where he invited me to join his team. Together, we did a
lot of jobs such as magazines, logos, web sites, campaigns, folders, banners, visual identity
for fashion companies, architecture, gastronomy, and great brands. I enjoyed every second
learning how I could attend customer perspectives.

In 2012, I decided to start my own business. At this point, I was ready to use all the
experience that I had gained in those past years working for big companies in Brazil. From
that, I made good customers that I can call "friends".

In 2018 my wife and I moved to Utah, USA. Here I was invited to work in a startup as a web
designer. After one year of making important decisions and having fun, the job was
concluded so now I'm looking for new challenges!

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Work Experience


Graphic Designer

Since 2002, I work with magazines, leaflets, brochures, logos, business cards, visual identity for large and small companies, bringing their ideas and needs to life.

Companies: LinkMeUp, Reforestree, DBS, Young, l'officiel, Carmens Steffens, Escala, Abril, Estadão, Simbolo, Victoria Books, Casa Nova, JVC, Banca de idéias, Studio Daniel Burman, Un.i Lingerie, Nu Luxe, View Image, Grupo Osmoze, New Content, Editora Segmento, General Lee, Estúdio Gastronômico...


Web Designer

After working with some companies and seeing the need to be connected to the internet, I updated myself and started my first web projects. And even today I develop web projects.

Companies and clients: LinkMeUp, Reforestree, DBS, Young, Gilberto Elkis, Palimanan, MRamos Paisagismo, Giuliana Oliveira, Tarcisio Lima Photographer, Travel sports, Sardinha17, Cia Lazer, Master 10 info, Renata Ashcar, Supreme Rocket, Estadão, Victoria Books, Banca de idéias, General Lee, Studio Daniel Burman, Un.i Lingerie, Grupo Osmoze, Denúncia Jeans, Eventual Jens, Santa Justina, New Content.


Art Direction

Bringing a new project to life each day is a new challenge that I love doing. I have designed and coordinated many teams since then, from small ideas to big projects.



College - Ahembi Morumbi

Marketing and publicity.

Professional Education

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Muse, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Office, OBS Studio, Quark and CorelDraw.


I am always looking for new challenges. If you have an idea, give me the chance to sit down and understand where we can bring it to reality easily and without complications.
If it's complicated, we make an extra effort together to make it easy. Are you in?!